Thursday, 21 August 2008

Ryan @ 12months Milestones

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My little King Ryan turned 12months old this month...Mommy should jot down his progress for this special day.

weight: ?

Height: ?

teething: 6 teeth ( 4 upper 2 bottom)

Diet: still 100%BM + 4meals porridge/rice. no more blended porridge. Can eat biscuit, bread and apple by his own.

He loves bite everything.

He loves people watching him and praising his actions.

He demands personal attention and will want to be able to see Mommy even when he is playing by his own.

He will hug and kiss Mommy and Jie-Jie spontaneously when we ask for “siak-siak” .

He is able to recognize that people have different personalities and preferences, including what they like and dislike.

He try to sing and will listen when Mommy sing to him. he only sing in one tone"" .

He used both speech and action to indicate what he wants. When we ask him to locate and object, he will understand and look in the appropriate place.

The first person he call is Jie-Jie (big sister) then he call daddy " Dad-dad" He call Jie-jie and dad-dad very loud and clear ... he call Mommy "Ma" or "ahMa", call grandma MAmaaa, still not call grandpa yet.

He can wave his hand and say 'tata' for bye-bye, 'mum-mum' for food, 'nen-nen' for milk, and used to say "" for pointing us to help him do things:P hahaha

He shaking his head to say NO and smile to say YES!

He clap his hand when he excited or follow by the nursery rhymes.

He fight with Jie-Jie when he want the toys that Jie-Jie playing:P

He scold people too...kekekeke sound like "yok-yok-yok...bla-bla-bla..."

He understand “up” and “down” "hot" and "wind blow"

He loves to see aeroplane, birds and butterflies.

He is able to recognize some fruits like tomato, apple, banana... foods like biscuit, bread, water, rice and porridge....others like star, moon, chair, bed, table, bottle, colour pencil, fan, spoon, bowl, potty & etc.

He is able to say "shih-shih" for pee and "Ngek ghek" for pass motion.

He pretend to read book and say "A..."

He likes to show his cheeky smile.

He will walk to Mommy when his name been call. Oh Ya! He already can walk after his birthday:) now he walk non stop... and fall quite often too...

He loves to play peekaboo. He will say "chak..." and feel very excited to play...

He can hold the comb and pretend to comb his hair when mommy ask "handsome how?"

He can place small objects into a container and retrieve them.

He dances to music.

He loves to climbs up and down to the chair, table, bed and staircase. very busy...

He likes to play "Hello"...ya...telephone!

He loves Thomas & Friends theme song.

He likes to see TV advertisements...especially those got rock music one or India song. (example: ribena adv)

He loves toys which got sound.

He loves burbles...He will show his blowing burbles action for asking mommy blow burbles for him:)

Ryan loves people call his name...
Mommy call you "Yi Shen" or "Ryan"
...sometimes Mommy also call you ah boy or baby.
Daddy call you Ryan or boy.
Jie-jie call you "boy-boy" or Ryan.
Grandma call you "Ryan the Ryan" or boy
Grandpa call you Ryan or boy.
but Grand-aunty call you Leng-Cai Chan, Leng-Cai Shen (mean handsome) hahaha

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pc said...

wow... what a detail record of ryan~!!!

Ruth said...

hahaha...hopefully i didn't miss out any...