Friday, 8 August 2008

All in ONE

I'm back! Back with more LO...hehehe... been blog break for almost 2 weeks...hmmm... life is good:) and most of my time is playing masak-masak (play dough cooking kits) with kids and watching cartoons with them:P hahaha.... my hand was really icth ... coz I didn't scraping for more then a week... hmmm...July was a busy month for us ...Cheryl's birthday la... one by one sick la...then Cheryl's school concert la... then Ryan's birthday...etc. ..."N" my old pc got virus la... anyway, it's fixed and Mommy was blessed with a new TOY...kekeke ... thanks to my Dear for bought me this TOY... Mommy love it very much!

Anyway, God is Good! All the time!!! Amen.... here is some LO I done...

credits: TCO_Poppy_Paper2; MaryseVincent_Marmelade_ponctuation; PETT Hot Winter time;Weeklener by IA;
It was our little King first birthday on last Monday. Hoorayyyy... Ryan turned ONE!! This boy is such a wonderful bundle of joy to us...

[credits: LJD_stampclusterBonus; kskd_juicybonus; LDD_Hullabaloo ]
Jie-jie Cheryl share her favourite lollipop with Ryan boy... She so happy teaching this little brother the way to licking and tasting the lollipop!!

[credits: cbombria-allthatglitters; LJD crown; GM_Bubbles; JillDzines FunDough. ]
Oh boy! This is a boy's toy!!! Ryan love Thomas & Friends show...especially the theme song... he simply love this song very very much...hahaha...Therefore, this Thomas toy become his birthday present and also his first belonging toy .


Angelica said...

Hi Ruth!
You've got some great LO:s here:) Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! You asked what tools I use when I doodle; well, normally I make a sketch first with a lead-pencil (not with the alpha though) then I fill the lines with a permanent black pigment liner (Staedtler or Pilot, I've used size 0,8 recently). I then erase with a rubber the pencil drawing and color with either Derwent watercolor pencils, Derwent Inktense or ZIG Brushables (Pigment Ink). That's all:)

Ruth said...

Hi Angelica, Thanks for dropping by my blog:) wow... mean u doodle it then u scan it as a digital-kits!! Great!!! Thanks for sharing this to me...God Bless!

pc said...

glad to have you back :).