Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Let's go to the Zoo!

I'm back... nowaday, I not free to blogging everyday... may be once in a week... but surely will be more then one post when I'm back...hahaha...

Well, today is a tiring day...but fun! We went to Zoo Negara! We stayed there from 10am to 4pm....ya! is 6 hours!!! hahaha...walk alots... thank God for a sunny day...(actually we plan to go on Monday, but too bad heavy rain in the morning on Monday). ...I'm too tired to do any fancy scraping, so ...for the time being, just some simple one, incase Mommy is lazy to do any scrap layout for this later^.*

By the way, just because Mommy want to put all this photos in a simple way... Mommy create this stamp frame!! :P credit: frame by RuthMelody!!!


we said...

got anything to see meh? been there few times and quite disappointing each time..

Creative B Bee said...

Hi! Do you notice that you've been tagged by me? I don't have western name and my name pronouce in mandarine is "qiu shi".

wen said...

ruth, got a tag for u


Ruth said...

i think may b u go too many time la... hahaha...but is fun for us...especially this outing to zoo is the 1st time for my kids!

Qiu Shi,
ya...thanks for the tag...give me some time...will try to do it soon :)

will reply your tag too when i'm free ok:) thanks!