Wednesday, 10 December 2008

We are back

We came back from Ipoh on Monday afternoon. Baby Andree is so lovely & cute. Kiddos have good time there... Mommy try to gain more rest after the tiring 3 months "training" :P MIL is back...Life going to back to the usual one...Hopefully!
Baby Andree is so lovely & cute. She is going to be fullmoon this weekend.*** ***** ***
Daddy came back last night, after 12hours at home, (Sleep) He gone again:P continue his CT Installation marathon this morning. Daddy said if he can finished his work in time, he will come home on Saturday:)We are looking forward this weekend...


Creative B Bee said...

Hi! Welcome back!

huisia said...

daddy so busy??

Ruth said...


Yalo...clear his projects! ..after this weekend come back, he will going to another outstation on Monday:P...poor poor daddy!