Friday, 5 December 2008


Kiddos are in their dream land... Daddy still not yet come back from work... Mommy is packing for a short trip tomorrow... not vacation, not holiday... just bring kids to visit a newborn baby in Ipoh.

BTW, Mommy also packing for daddy 2weeks business traveling... too bad, Daddy will not going with us... he will started his CT Installation marathon tomorrow too. 10 Days 3 CT, no public holiday break, no weekend break... He will travel from one place to the others place to complete his work non stop for the next 2weeks.

*** ****** ***

When I told Cheryl about Daddy will be not around for next two weeks, and explained to her why daddy work so hard because of us... She decided to show her love to him... Cheryl said she want to make a card for Daddy... we choose a card from her collection...(she loves to make card and keep some nice cards to send to people time to time...)
This is the card she choose! and she wrote and doodling in the card... Mommy and Ryan boy also joined the fun... we even thumbing with Mommy lipstick and make some cutie faces in the card... I'm glad Cheryl know how to show her love and appreciate...

Takecare Daddy & Journey mercy ... We Love You!

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LittleLamb said...

wah...heart melt. Cheryl so sayang the daddy.