Monday, 3 November 2008

My New Toys@Bento

What toys is so popular and keep many mommies busy nowaday?!...Ya... is Bento!!! I simply love it coz it's looks cute! Therefore, when DH went to Japan, I ask him to get some Bento gears for me. Here's what He bought for me from Japan.
Some cute little pickle for finger foods.
From the drawing instruction, this seems like an egg molder. It reshape the egg from an egg shape to the desire shape.

This is a sausage maker. It shapes a sausage / hot dog to a fish, a crab and a girl... Interesting... no more dog shape

This are bread cutter, it basically cut the bread into various shape. Here I have an elephant, a whale, a dog and a car.
Another bread cutter with various figure. This one very tiny and cute, just perfectly for kids toast bread. He bought another badge when he saw these in 100yen shop.The price also slightly cheaper then the first badge he bought. WooHoOo... so excited to try it!!! hahaha ...and not forget to said THANK YOU to my DH:) Hopefully I'll make something cute and nice for kids and my DH ^.*


Jacss said...

Welcome to bentoing Ruth!! Bet u got a very good bargain fr japan on the bento stuffs!! being a SAHM, i suppose u could do up somethg good.....

Ruth said...

Opp... I'm a busy bee SAHM, not a siew-lai-lai SAHM ler Jac...LOL... and not expert in cooking too:P so, please don't expect too much from me...^.* anyway, I will try bentoing with my gal in school holiday:)