Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Gallery in Scrap world

lately I love to play with shabby grungy effects and paintstrokes ... it's something really fun and draw you to be very creative on yours layout.... Here are some of the LOs I did...
this photo snap in TTDI park on Cheryl's 4th birthday...and this LO to remarked my girl's first time barefoot walk in the stream water:) credits: WW Kickin' Up The Leaves Collection & WW Delightful Morning by Gina Marie.

**** ***** ****
these two LOs from the same photos I choose... but different design and for different challenge:) simply love the photos... I snap it by myself:P right hand carry Ryan left hand snap the moments we are together:) super ya! kekeke
credits: Oscrap

credits: WW color challenge

**** ***** ****
**** ***** ****


pc said...

another beautiful scrapbooks. love the pics of ryan n u. u did some effect on it?

Anggie's Journal said...

what a nice scrap... lately i had problem with my photoshop CS3... it get hang so easily... so sad.. cant do much on scrapbooking ....Still waiting for somebody to fix for me :(

huisia said...

very nice!
actually how to make the photo looks transparency at the background? just sliding down the transparency bar at the photoshop??

Ruth said...

Thanks ladies:)

PC, ya...i did with PhotoshopLightromm:)try it PC! u surely love this new baby...

Anggie, Hope it's fix soon:)

hahaha... i think i need to write some tutorial liew:P ya...there are many effect u can do for the blending, set the opacity of the layer or using the blending mode in [layer box] Photoshop. for this LO i set the [blending mode] from normal became hardlight, then [opacity] i didn't change, still 100% but [Fill] changed to 30%.

Hope you understand my simple tutorial:)