Tuesday, 14 October 2008

LAYOUT of the week in DSO

back to my scrapper land...hahaha... Good News! I won the Layout of the Week in DSO again! ya is this week...hop over and you will see this LO in every page in the DSO gallery and forum!!! WoOhOoo.... I'm so excited! this is my 2nd LO won the LOTW from DSO.
credits: at DSO

You also can find this LO posted in this gallery: Oscrap, WW.


huisia said...

i really love your LO..nice,super nice!!

jazzmint said...

wow vy nice leh..

pc said...

congras~! and i see you beyond-ing the 'ruth' kind of scrapbooking. welldone!!!

Ruth said...

Thanks ladies:))