Thursday, 15 May 2008

Ryan's Diarrhea condition

My son still got diarrhea... Yesterday afternoon until this morning (7am) I tot he is getting better coz his poo change to yellow colour, not watery and no more mucus. Moreover whole night long he also didn't awake for poo-poo but he awake cry for nen-nen:P only breastfeeding can soother him to sleep back:P

but... just now 12.15am/1.10pm he poo again .. not alot but got abit mucus... aiy...

Yesterday, i feed him more on porridge... As what Dr.Lim suggest, more plain porridge less milk... each time about 1/2bowl but frequent ( 10.30am/ 12.30am/ 4.30pm/ 7pm)

anyway, tomorrow we will go back to Doctor for check up and see how is the lab report!


pc said...

bless you and ryan.

Creative B Bee said...

Hope he will get well soon.