Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Ryan's Condition III

this is the 9th days my little baby Ryan having diarrhea ... ... ..he not yet fully recover...hmm...he lost about 1+kg, doctor took his poo to send to lab... hopefully everything is ok...

Please pray for the way, if u have an experience baby diarrhea ... please share with me...TQ!

On Medication:
Oral re-hydration salts one packet mix with 8oz water, 2-3pac a day.
Smecta take half sachet 2times a day.
Probiotic-Lactobacillus GG 20B-CFU CAP (LACTOGG) take 1 capsule once a day mix in porridge.
Terbutaline for phlegm 1.5ml 3 times a day. (He cough and running nose too. )

plain porridge & mother's milk


chanelwong said...

Get Well are strong boy...

wen said...

u know what, sometime i gave my kids 'mm thap san' which is a chinese/thai medicine
of a pagoda, very small one, u can get it from chinese medical hall, but i am not sure if ryan can take it or not, tell u that works well for my kids when smecta has failed.
i gave my girl who is 2+ at that time only 1/4 mix with water.

pc said...

hy had diarrhea right after her 1st birthday. teterrible & admitted into hospital. and blur mummy discovered her 1st 2 teeth in hospital when doc make her cried (to collect blood for test).

it is unavoidable for them to lost weight in such a weak health, they will amazing know how to gain back after recover. so, pray for fast recovery.

all the best to ryan and you.

Ruth said...

thanks Chanel:)

oh's work well with me too! but never try b4 for my kids...thanks for sharing urs tips:)

Ruth said...

thanks PC!

i so glad u all mommies sharing urs experience with me!!