Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Today... I'm a little tired...and can't find time to do any designing... I'm still coughing badly plus something *new* :P running nose! sigh~ I hate it! 

How to make myself happy? I do scrap therapy!!! Sometime, I just scrap a page freely with a picture I adore and not do it for CT work, no for any contest or any challenge... is called scrap therapy for me!!! ...just follow the mood flow and just scrap for fun... it's really help to release my bad mood!

I snap this photo in the morning, kiddos so happily playing the "lion dance" with their cousin sisters. We called them "DO RE ME FA" haha... the age gab of four of them are so happen different with 18months. They are the only 4children in our family.

Hope you don't feel too bored to read all this babbling from a sick scrapper.... LOL I'll try to be back soon with some freebie for you guys.... stay tuned...

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