Monday, 20 October 2008

This LO been featured again!

Oh ya, Ryan's " You're one year new" layout been featured by Faithsisters on October6! ^.* I really hope this lovely page of mine will be the TOP10 of the Penscrapper contest^.* If you love this layout, please hop over HERE and give it a VOTE! Thanks! God Bless!

...still got 10 more days to go!!!!the voting will close on 31Oct, 08.


Jacss said...

I was already late in giving u a vote, anyway hope u hv a great time & good luck!

Btw, re. yr query on what to buy for bento gears, i would say only your needs could tell u but if u r getting them from Japan, grab as much as possible coz it's so cheap there compared to here... :)
thks for yr comment too!

Ruth said...

Hi Jacss,
Thanks for dropping by here:) u are not too late to vote...still got 10 more days can vote!!! Please do vote for it if u like it!

Anggie's Journal said...

U got my vote too... nice LO

Ruth said...

thanks Anggie...i really appreciate it :)

Jesslyn said...

still got time...ok will vote now!

Good luck!

Ruth said...

thanks Jesslyn*.^