Monday, 20 October 2008

safe and sound in Nishi-Nasuno

around 6pm DH finally contact me tru MSN...he is safe and sound in Nishi-Nasuno, Japan...poor thing he have a very tiring day and big adventures on his first day travel ...hahaha

But, too bad after a while chatting with him, i found the line is very slow... not sure is my computer got error or Internet line slow...therefore, i sign out and restart the system ...this time, after i sign off the Internet to restart... dunno what happen to the Internet or computer, I can't sign in again:P so frustrated me tried more then 30min just sitting in front of the computer to restart and press the repair and repair button:P and I did run up and down went down straight to check the modem but everything is just normal... streamyx?!... then, when i check with my sister in law, only found out all of us can't online...streamyx is down:P

anyway, now , 2.50am in the early morning:P midnight, I try to on the pc and check...the line is up... mean is the Streamyx side down la... aiyo... make a big hebok!!!!! may be of the heavy rain i guess...

I just hop over to his blog, read his first day trip's blog post and reply him an email... this is how we keep in touch when he is out of the country:) no phone call but tru internet:)) What about you? mind to share how you and yours love one keep in touch when he/she is out station or oversea?


kah hui said...

When my husband is not around we only sms... he once been to USA for about 10 days and I felt that we lived in 2 different world... so I hope he won't go such places again!!!! At least, not 12 hours time different places please.

Ruth said...

Hi.. Kah Hui! thanks for sharing yours experience:)