Wednesday, 24 September 2008

God is so Good

sometime, as a Stay-At-Home-Mom can be very bored... especially when you not feeling well or mood swing...etc.

...just now I feel so bored and tired... tired because never sleep well last night, and bored because trying to make this two little ones nap but they don't want to be cooperate. aiy... then I give up:P (not give up as a SAHM ok!) just give up to force them sleep.

I put baby Ryan in the baby cot with some toys and pushed the cot near my piano, Cheryl is hopping around the house, I just let's her be herself... just let's them play whatever they want but around me...then,

I playing some church worship songs... how great if everyday I got a chance to touch my piano like this...hahaha... I seldom play piano in the afternoon because my MIL used to watching TV in the hall... and today they are not around, just only me and my whatelse, piano time la! Thanks God... playing piano can easily let's go my bad mood, especially worship songs... God's words is refeshing me by the songs I play... and I Praise God for giving me these talents to love music and art! as you know no matter how busy I still keep on my hobby---scraping! because it's one of the good way for me to be happy:) especially when I done a beautiful layout page for my kiddos... the feeling is so good ...hehehe... God is so GOOD! Amen!

...wonder how with those Stay-At-Home-Moms spend thier day with joyful heart and when they are down, do what to cheer themself happy?!

Cheryl still not yet sleep...she doing some colouring and writing by herself... but Ryan boy sleep at 4pm :) ok... I better stop bla-ing:p ...need to continues my works before he awake!
credits: HERE
Oh ya... another LO I done for Ryan boy! this one is for the WW template challenge as well:) Hope you like it!

You also can find out what others scrappers think about this LO *.^ at DSO & WW gallery.


Creative B Bee said...

Beautiful lo once again! I learned for few yrs playing organ while i was school a girl...hmmm now I think i totaly can't play a song at all. Yah! SAHM must have hobby especially can be done at home like knitting, scrapping, playing piano....,if not will very boring (I will but don't know others ppl).

cyee said...

about LO
Everything is perfect except the background! too down....the color

Ruth said...

Thanks for sharing with me yours SAHM experience:) and glad u love this page!

thanks for the comment on my LO... to focus on The strong and busy red-orange I think is good idea to put the soft and calm background.

pc said...

hey, this is very beautiful~!!!! love the horizontal-leaves pattern^^.

Ruth said...

Thanks PC! I love this LO too:)

esther said...

Amen! God is good all the time! I like all your LO....hope to learn from you someday...take care & God bless!

Ruth said...

Hi Esther! Glad to see you back...miss u so much...

Kim B said...

Ruth had to pop in and tell you again just how much I LOVE THIS LO! everything is just perfect! Love the way you used the colour!
Stunning job GF

Mummy to QiQi said...

it is a nice feeling isnt it? this is the return of the sacrifice we have gave for our children :p

Ruth said...

HUGGGGGGGGGS Thanks KIM for hoping over my lil space again! I must do more nice LO to tempted you come here Kim! LOL

Ruth said...

Chinnee...Yeah..absolutely right!