Monday, 22 September 2008

A Delightful Monday :)

What a delightful day is today ...when I finally redeemed my WW shop $10 gift voucher!

WooHoo...I did a LO for Ryan boy:) those photos we snapped in the bedroom when we play together and he's look so cute in his jacket! ...with the hat on, Mommy think he look like little riding hood la! hahaha

credits: All by Weed & wildflowers Designs (WW DelightfulMorning; WW HappyGarden Doodles; WW RandomFreebieChallenge; WW JuicyFruitFreebie backsplash); only alpha & note tag by RuthMelody.


jazzmint said...

wah got 10 bucks voucher somemore keke. I Pk liao, buy so much from little dreamer this month :(

wen said...

wah, got money and nice scraps here!

pc said...

no wonder u love ww so much. it is just ssoooooooo gorgeous~!

Ruth said...

hahaha... u kaya nvm la... got PPP$ ma...

thanks wen!

hey...glad to c u here...u so busy still pop over here:) thanks ya...oh, I love WW stuff very much:)tempted to have more of WW stuff:)