Friday, 22 August 2008

My lil Star

Tadannnn...! this is our sweetie little snow white:) Ms Cheryl!!! She dancing with this beautiful snow white custom in her school's concert. Mommy almost forget to post about this event...hahaha


pc said...

she is so much looks like snow white leh~!

Creative B Bee said...

she is beatiful!
Congrats! I notice that u hv been feature by "Faith Sisters".

jazsutra said...

Hi Ruth,so love your snow white's layout ;)

Ruth said...

ya...even her teachers also said she really looks like snow white^.* hahaha


Hi Jasmine, Thanks for dropping by here again:)

wen said...

eh, very beautiful leh. luckily u remember!

LittleLamb said...

can put a full picture of cheryl in the snow white dress?
i think she look very beautiful

Ruth said...

Ya...lucky i remember:P

I hope so...but u can see this gal not smile to my camera... she not in mood to pose for me for take photos that is quite hard for me to have one of her nice full size snow white:) will show u all alter when i got their group photos:))