Monday, 30 June 2008

I'm Back

Hi... everyone! we r back... hahaha... sound like just came back from vacation... Wohahaha... actually not... I've been busy like a bee last few weeks... especially last week... without any helper at home (my in-law went to oversea trip) and need "fulltime" really really fulltime for kiddos and every things at home... so, end up I can't even touch the pc!!!

I wake up early at 5.30am to cook porridge for baby and do laundry and clear the house etc... have to load baby Ryan to fetch Cheryl back from school... brought them to ta-pou or do grocery... and cook for dinner and do all the house works ...

The Positive side : this is a very good training I can said... and freedom to be {alone} :P and have so many fun times stick with my kiddos... they seem to be more obedient when no one at home for them to choose to manja ...but only mommy !!! so they have to be good girl and boy lo ...hahaha... I really gain more confident to be SAHM without helper after this whole week training:P before that I'm abit worry i can't cop be alone fulltime with a toddle and a baby... anyway, the -ve side is mommy was double tired ...and no time for scraping and online!!! r u, my dear bloggers...???

*** *** ***This LO I using 100%WW stuff. credits: FC DoodlyPatterns & FC9 wordart by Gina Marie. and I love to see my darling girl Cheryl enjoying her life with a bowl of ice-cream :)

"You can do ANYTHING
you set your mind to..."

~Gina Marie


Creative B Bee said...

Hei!!! Really miss you (kekeke), not to see yr new lo for many days. Ha ha finally you are BACK here.
Ya! Full time SAHM realy tire, just imagine 3 kids mom like me without any helper. You can't imagine how I scrare of the SCHOOL HOLIDAY!!!!(very bad me yah??!!)

Ruth said...

haha... ya..not easy hor... SAHM without helper really busy like a bee! wonder how those SAHM with many kids ?! :))

jazzmint said...

wow...i love that LO, very nice lah!!! You and Cheryl are really good in extraction...I'm pure lazy LOL

pc said...

indeed a very nice LO. love it~!