Thursday, 7 June 2007

Thought about Blog

I like this intro...

"with limited vocabulary,
to tell a simple living;
to enjoy the learning of life."

One of my online buddy put this on her site as an intro. For me, I've the same thought like that too... Although I'm poor in English...but with limited vocabulary to share with my friends about my story, my life... is fun!

Blog is my space!! My own spaces that I can freely bla-ing out ..all my feeling...and my thoughts ...


pc said...

hey, ruth,
surprisingly to see my 'intro' here. such a honour to be mentioned by 1 in the million bloggers.

you sure delighten my day and my livings... (abit down lately :p)

lets cherish ourselve more in the net.

Ruth said...

hahaha... glad to know u don't mind I put it here...coz urs words really hits close to what I thought for myself and my blogs..:)