Friday, 2 July 2010

Relax time...

Scrapping time again...yahoOo.....

Ever since I'm officially a Store Designer, I seldom scrap for other designers BUT I still scrapping!!! haha... atlease once a week! That's my hobby, I won't skip it but try to balance it with time for family and designing my own stuff!!!

This week I take a little break on designing, I scrap and scrap... and fun!! LOL
Here you go...
 credit: Beach Breeze by RuthMelody Designs
posted in: DST, Mscraps, FS, MSA.

 credits: Heirloom Garden A5D, Summer Whispers by RuthMelody Designs.
posted in: A5D, MSA, DST.

credits: Popping Joy by RuthMelody Designs ; Life-Art-Love by Karina Designs.
Posted in: A5D, DST, Mscraps.

credits: Bring out the cake collab by 3K at TLP.
Posted in:  DST, MSA, TLP.

credits: Hope has wings, MagicalSwirls7 and Pinky Cloud by Kitty Designs.
posted in: Oscraps, DST.
credits: Feel the Line XI by Dodi Designs; Zen Garden by Cinnamon Designs;
Popping Joy by RuthMelody Designs
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credits: French Country by KimB Designs
Amazing Love by RuthMelody Designs
 posted in:  DSO, MSA, DST.

Fruitful week with tons of layouts!!!! YahoOo...
Back to work!!! Haha... Hopefully today is a productive day for me!
Then, I've more time to scrapping again!!!
Have a Nice Day!


pc said...

thumb up for all the layouts!!! i like the first one!

Helen said...

Great LO's sweetie! I thought I saw you pop up everywhere again ^^
have a great weekend!
Hugs Helen

Tanya said...

Oh I love them all! Hope has wings is my favorite though!