Sunday, 19 July 2009

I see...

I created a page today... just for fun! I play with LilyDesigns JulyFreebie for 'On the house' challenge at After five. Recently, I been busy with Kim's fabulous stuff and TDS's assignments plus my own designs, I also can't remember ever since when I never play with others Designers freebie:P And guess what? This LO made Gallery Standouts!!! My first LO made GSO in AfterFive!!! Toot!!! so Happy!

Credits: LilyDesigns July Freebie; LilyDesigns littlebird freebie; SummerFields by

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Kristine ♥ said...

Wooohooooo!!!!! Twice in one week!!! Congrats Ruth!!!! I want to scrap like you when I grow's the growing up part I have difficulty with.LOL

Ruth said...

:) Thanks Kristine! Grow up??? whahaha... I see... I see... LOL

Kim B said...

HAHAHAHA- laughing at Kristines comments-
I have the same problem- its growing up that's the hard part- lol

WOOHOOOOOO, that LO is stunning!!

Ruth said...

Whee~ Kim is here again! Welcome Kim :)How I wish you will be here more often! hee hee... Thanks Kim! Yours praise means a lots to me! also need to Gr*w up??!! You are already on the TOP! Stop Gr*wing Kim! LOL