Saturday, 14 February 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

As the Valentine season dawns, love and romance fill the air.
I wish to take this opportunity to express my love to my love one.
... a scrapper wife/mom definitely MUST
show her love by her scrapbook, right!
My Dear Hubby,
for My Darling Girl and
for My lil boyfriend.

Well, I do wish my Hubby will charm me with something bling-bling like diamonds or a romantic candlelit dinner. BUT it had become too commercialized these day, as the price for everything on the V day is almost double the usual rate. For me, Everyday can be happily together with my 3 lovers above is Valentine's Day! Sometime, just a simple SMS or a lovely card with love from him will make me happy whole day long:) BUT if Hubby wish to buy me roses or gifts ... that is bonus to me! LOL*wink*

Happy Valentine's day !

~Scrapbook Layout Credits~
1st LO: PrimitiveValentine by Jen Ulasiewicz Designs.
2nd LO:Heart Sweet Heart by LiviaY Designs; Templete47 by Di HIckman Designs.
3rdLO: Cherish Moments by Katrins Design; Templete43 by Di HIckman Designs.


Jacss said...

wow ruth, everyone also got Valentine's card from you...that's great!!
happy valentine's day!

Creative B Bee said...

Hi! Happy Valentine's day! I love all those los.Its SO sweet...!

Ruth said...

Thanks Jacs and CBB... :)

HN said...

Everyone in the family received a card from you, how sweet and lovely! Happy belated V. day!

pc said...

lucky me get your buzz. if not i miss these wonderful scrapbooks from a very lovely mum/wife:).