Sunday, 14 December 2008


Fa la la... Christmas is so near, we are busy doing our Christmas shopping, searching for Christmas presents. Yesterday, we bought kids went to One Utama. We spend the whole evening there. Kids were tired therefore they can't make it for the next day Sunday morning service. They stayed home with grandma ... Only Mommy and Daddy went to 10.30am service... after the service around 12.30pm we headed to KLCC for PC fair.

Well, I'm not interested with the PC fair, I take the opportunity to have my Christmas shopping... just me alone while Daddy go to hunting for his stuff in the PC fair. Before we started our own shopping, we have a quick and simple lunch in BK:P

Although it's just only 2.30hours, but I really enjoy some quiet time to be shopping alone! after 2.30hours, you may think I've bought many... hahaha... No! I just managed to grab a Christmas present for my SIL. What about kids? This year we try to not spoil them with many presents, (need to save money too!) especially my girl:P I used to bought many Christmas presents for her in the previous year. I love to see her happy face when she unwrap the presents!

BTW, I still don't know what to give my the other half. Of cause Dear, I knew yours wish list:P But I can't afford to buy you a car, a house or even a branded cell phone or Nikon D90 that you are eyeing for sometime... hahaha!! I always have a difficult time to think of presents for boys including my dad, my son and my husband! If I can't think of anything I'll just go for a shirt! ahhhhh....Any suggestions?

credits: Irene season greeting freebie from TDS2008


Irene Alexeeva said...

This is absolutely stunnin!!!! I totally adore your style!

Ruth said...

Thanks Irene^^ Hope to see you hoping over here more often!