Friday, 14 November 2008

Good and Bad

The Pen-Scrapper Online Voting Result is out! The online votes have been counted, and the winners have been chosen. Too bad, I'm not the Winner! One Grand Prize winner receiving a Bamboo Fun, Printer, and Digital Camera, and 10 runner up each receiving a Bamboo Fun. Ya...The "Bamboo Fun" table pen that I aim to have one!!! Anyway, I saw 3 Famous Designers in the Top10 list...:P when come to the famous Designers also join the contest that depend on "Online Vote" ...habis!!! hahaha...they got too many fans and supporter...
Anyway, I'll not give up ya! I also got supporter like YOU and U and U!! Yeah... Thanks again my dear friends and family members who voted for me! Although I didn't won the prize but I won yours support and love... everyone who voted for me is such an encouragement for me to be more "UmhHhh!!!" to do better scrap-work! ^.* I'll try again season two!

and what a great news I wanna share with you next....hahaha... abit shy to announce ...drum roll please....!!!!!!! I'm now officially a Layout Artist and QP Designer in The Daily Scrapper NewsPaper! and my very first two sets of 8 pages loyout scrap-design will be UP on-line in TDS issue12 on 14 Nov!!!!

Check out The Daily Scrapper QP Central , Product Preview and Budget Layout column. I'm there:) (updated: the link for issue12 is up)

Here's a sneak peak some of my first set ever:
I'm going off now... today is the last day of school-day, Cheryl will be finish early at 10.30am and I will bring kids follow DH going for a short trip vacation...till then, Happy Scrapping!

'N' don't forget to check out The Daily Scrapper - your online source for the latest scrapping news.


Creative B Bee said...

Wow wow wow!! Big BIG congratulations!!! And Love all los.

chiayee76 said...

YES! i will alwayz support you.
Didnot manage to find ur products in The Daily Scrapper. why?

jazzmint said...

wow love all the pages..congrats babe!!! salute u!!

pc said...

congratulation~! i saw it, lovely!!!

btw, thanks for dropping by, you always being supportive^^ and inspiring to me.

LittleLamb said...

All yr hard work paid off

huisia said...

congrats! so one bad news and one good news :)

happy holiday!!