Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Our Day

I really love this tiny bread cutter! it's not only bread cutter but also can use for cutting the vegetables like carrot & potato, fruits like watermelon, papaya, banana & etc. Ta-dan...see how I play with this... I cut the potatoes and sausages with a different cutie shapes ^^

and these is what I cooked for the day.
soup of the day:-
*sweet corn soup ( Cheryl favourite soup)

dishes of the day: -
*sweet sour tomato sauce with potatoes and sausages
(that I using the cutter to cut out the cutie shapes.)

*onion ring chicken

Where are my two little ones while I'm busy cooking?!

I've no choice to pun them there as I've no helper to look after them while I'm busy. They are too active :p they will running, jumping, climbing and frighting(ya! everything, anything also can fright for it!) playing around the house.....and recently my Ryan boy even loves to climb up the sofa and jump down from high ... hahaha...*pengsan*

I put him in the baby cot and push the cot near to me when I'm preparing the foods and cooking. ( He still insisted to climb out...*pengsan* boy is truly naughty!!!) so, jie-jie Cheryl suggested that she also go into the cot so that ah boy would not climb out searching for her! Good idea Cheryl...but... hahaha... they fright in the cot too :P... hahaha

*** **** ***
I may need to blog break anytime from now as I'm too busy with load of house works and kiddos as our superwoman MIL is out of town for one month or two. I hope you understands if I'm not yet do the tag if you send to me! Anyway, I still hope that I manage to update my daily story here IF I can catch up some time after kids go to bed:) till then... Kambateh Mommy!!! U can do it!!!


carlos sousa said...

Very good your blog! congratulations1

huisia said...

take your time :)

pc said...

jia you~! i see contented sahm's life

is good to take thing one at a time. and glad that you are enjoying every moment of life.