Thursday, 18 September 2008


Yesterday... we are tempted by this place--- Theobroma Chocolate Lounge in 1U.

We order the chocolate fondue. It comes with a tiny pot of melted chocolate and choices of cut fruits (orange, kiwi fruit, strawberry & guava) and masmelos. Cheryl love it...but she eat only the melt chocolate...hahahha

I love the ice chocolate frappe call 'snow white frappe'. It's awesome! The glass is decorated with a pretty swirl of hardened chocolate. The drink is very rich and intense flavoured ice blended with white chocolate, Yummy way to enjoy the ice drink like this when you are hot or bored! :p

The next round I'll try Raspberry Cheesecake and the hot drink like 'Ms Coco', a dark chocolate concoction... you also can find a variety of their diffrent shares, flavours and colours chocolate there. I wish I can taste all of this pretty chocolate:P

credits: VintageDreams-RetroEL from little dreamer designs

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Creative B Bee said...

Wahhhh!!!! I want to go!!!!!!!