Wednesday, 3 September 2008


Mid autumn festival is round the corner. This is the good time for Mommy to teach my 4 years old girl, my curious lil one about Mooncake and the story behind the festival. What a good idea then grandma willing to teach us on making mooncake!

This is the first time for Mommy and Cheryl.We are really blessed with grandma who is superwomen who good in cook all kind of foods. She is our sifu (teacher) today:)

Well, for the first time, our sifu only lets us learn the easy one, the final step....ya, we only learn make the mooncake skin(dough), shape it and bake it. She prepared all the ingredients, syrup, 2 types of filling and etc.

Mean, I only learn the 1/2 only...kekeke... will learn the difficult one next year:P Ok, This is what I learn!

To make mooncake skin:
Mix flour, syrup, oil and alkaline water and knead until elastic. Set aside for three hours. Divide the dough into small equal portions.

The final step: Take a portion of the dough and roll into a thin circular piece. Take a ball of lotus paste and wrap with the mooncake skin. Dust a mooncake mould with flour. Press the dough with filling into the mould. Tap lightly to demould. Then brush them with egg yolk. Grease baking tray and bake mooncakes in oven at 220°c for about 20 to 30 minutes.

Oh ya, we also make the snow skin mooncake ^.* I likes to eat (bing-pi)snow skin mooncake. this one so easy, just chill in the refrigerator, not need to bake.

Snow Skin mooncake: Sift kou fun and tang mein fun into a large mixing bowl. Add in syrup, evaporated milk, shortening and essence to mix into a smooth dough. Divide each portion into small equal portions. and leave aside to rest for 8–10 minutes.

Roll out each portion into a flat piece. Wrap around a portion of filling. Seal the edges and press each into a wooden mooncake mould. Knock to dislodge the snow skin mooncake. (No need brush them with egg yolk.) Chill in the refrigerator.

Ta-Dannnn... this is our Lotus paste mooncakes and Durian one! and the snow skin mooncake also have two flavours!!! hahaha... look at our know this is the home made one ya... the shape abit out :P Don't compared with the market one la! but the taste is GOOD! hahaha... we really have lots of joy and fun from learning this.If you also feel like make your own moon cake, you can grab the recipes here. Good luck and enjoy ya!

scrap credits: All by RuthMelody.


Angelica said...

What a great layout! And such an interesting to learn about the mooncake:) I blogged today and showed your beautful layout with the summer doodles. I hope thats okay:)

wen said...

wah, i will never bake my own mooncake. too fattening and seems lots of hardwork there..hehe

Ruth said...

Ya...that's ok:) glad u love this LO, Thanks!

Wen, really not easy to make! that's why market sell so expensive lo!!