Monday, 15 September 2008

Happy Boy afternoon, we have fun just let Ryan and Cheryl playing at the front yard of our house. Ryan so excited be freely to walk outside...hahaha.... Mommy seldom let him walk outdoor...i think this is the first time.

He so happy and running non stop:) even sit on the floor when he is tired... I just let him play and do whatever he want... so dirty...but is fun for him. He go and pluck the plants leave... pick the dry leave on the floor to throw in the bucket... trying to follow behind his jie-jie cycling ...Oh My... I can't believe my baby can run so fast... kekeke... but he actually still can not walk so steady... the way he walk abit like a cutie penguin but he still don't care...he run!

credits: all by Me!

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wen said...

ya, let kids be dirty once a while.. since already outside playing, might as well get dirty..hehe