Thursday, 11 September 2008

Friends Forever

I created this page for my daughter Cheryl and her friend Megan...Megan is her classmate as well... before they are in the same class and studying in same school, they used to play together at the playground everyday in the evening since they are just 2years old... I hope they will be Friends Forever:)

Oh ya, I will share this as a Quick Page for you :) As you walk along this journey with me, encourage me... I wish to give this as a lil gift to all of u :)

If you need a friend
I’m here for you
No matter what time
of day or night
no matter what’s
troubling you
or why you need me
I’m here ...
because that’s what friends are for.

Friends Forever

*** ***** ***

Mommy is still not feeling today , flu since yesterday morning. Ryan boy diarhoea on Tuesday morning, Thanks God he recovered very fast after 3-4 times diarhoea. But today he also not feeling well with nose congested ... Daddy is not around, outstations work for this whole week again, hope we will get well soon!

*** **** ***
Ta-Daa.... Here is the lil gift I want to share with you!FRIENDS FOREVER

Hope you like it & have a nice day!!!

(sorry, the link is expired)


Creative B Bee said...

looks simple and nice lo!

Huisia said...

hope you all get well soon..
nice template,what a waste that i can't access here.

Ruth said...

Thanks :)

Thanks, I and Ryan boy getting better today... and DH is coming tonight...

Glad u love my come they don't allow 4shared to access ar?!?!

Eva said...

Lovely quickpage, thanks!

pc said...

truly lovely LO. great job u did once again.

Pom from Thailand said...

Thank you so much for sharing such nice works with us. I love your style. So subtle yet so touching. Hope you feel better soon. :-)

Ruth said...

Thanks and welcome to my lil space:)

Thanks again!

Pom from Thailand,
Wow u r from Thailand!!! 'Swa-di-kap!' welcome to my lil space and glad u love my stuff:) 'kop-kum-kap' ^.* hehehe I know very lil of Thai too : )