Thursday, 28 August 2008

Sweetie@ apple green

I scrap for this layout last night before go to bed... I try with different version... until this morning I only feel good to post this LO... BTW, I created some new kits & elements too...hehehe very shok!!! hahaha

About FREEBIE!...wonder what to share...?!.. most of the stuff in this layout is new... I still not yet name it... so, if u love to have it...tell me which elements u love the most! or help me name it:) will try to come back here and see yours responds after fetch my daughter back from school....enjoy ya!

credits: All by RuthMelody

Hmm... Lately, I simply like apple green this colour very much ya!!! hehehe love love love it! Green is so fresh colour...!

Oh ya...that lil sweetie is my good friend's daughter --Tammie! She look so sweet ya! Tam-Tam (Cheryl used to call Tammie like this :P ) hahaha ... hope u love it!


chiayee76 said...

Thanks Ruth for scraping for Tammie.
will show her tonight and i already know she will very very happy to see herself in ppl's blog.

keep on the good work

nanasdinky said...

Thank you for sharing your goodies
with us! I love your layout! You little girl is a sweetie!

Ruth said...

U r welcome! just a lil gift for her... glad u love it!

she is my friend's daughter:) a lovely sweetie!!! Thanks for dropping by here!