Tuesday, 26 August 2008


My little princess Cheryl loves to play Pee-ka-boo! Everyday before bath...she will ask Mommy to play with her this game! ...for her... 'Pee-ka-boo' and 'Hide & Seek' is the same games:P She will go into the bedroom and hide herself...but the funny part is she will not be patient to wait for Mommy to catch her...but come out by herself and say "Chack!!! I'm hiding here!" hahaha

credits: All using Summerdoodles V2 by Angelica ; Glitter-swir by LA Franziska & the green ball wordart is by me:).


Angelica said...

Oh Ruth, What a sweet layout! I love it:) Hope you think its OK to show it on my blog. Thank you so mĂșch for showing me.

Hugs from me, Angelica.

Ruth said...

thanks Angelica! Glad u love it:)

Mummy to QiQi said...

Ruth, this is really beautiful!

Vivianz said...

Cheryl is so beautiful! :)

Anggie's Journal said...

Jeremy also love play pee ka boo ... that make him laugh ... ur princess Cheryl very pretty ...

do mind i link up with ur blog ? so can have more scrapbook to share :)

Ruth said...

... Thanks^.*

She is my pretty little baby!

sure! glad u love my lil space*.^ and Thanks:)