Saturday, 5 July 2008

Curiosity Boy & a FREEBIE

today i re-do again Ryan's curious look LO! i think this one better, right?! WoOoHooOo...all kits & elements by!

I think I'll give away this QP as the blog early last month I mentioned I'll give gift for celebrate my Digit-baby turns ONE! If u love this... let's me know or leave me urs email ... I'll try to make it QP and n send to u!

ACTUALLY I'm trying to set a All4share's link...but not really know how to set it:P need help!!! LOL

Anyhow, Have a nice weekend!!!


pc said...

wonderful QP~! how did you make it?!

Ruth said...

how ar?! ?? !! learn and try and learn and try...hahaha...