Wednesday, 16 July 2008

back to school

Cheryl back to school this morning:) she had been absence for 2days ... she still sore throat... she even told me she can't drink milk... feel pain! hmm... should I bring her to see doctor again? she is such a phobia to see doctor ever since her had experience with high fever admitted hospital a couple of months ago....that's why if not too serious i try not to bring her to clinic.. .. anyway, for this moment I gave her "pei-pa-koa".

I'm trying to do some LO for her birthday's photos... Oh ya... we managed to picnic on her birthday morning...wohahaha... is truly fun! will share with u more LO...soon...hopefully :P

1 comment:

wen said...

make sure its not FHM. when my kids had FHM, their throats were painful and also have many ulcers. use a torch to check urself