Sunday, 1 June 2008

another weekend

love weekend...every weekend is our family day... no matter is just stay at home or outing... love the moments we are together to do something together.... I believe that what comes first is family!

**** ***** ****credits: Altered Meloday by Irene Alexeeva; kb_BC_Ibelieve_Sampler, kb-Renee'sbloom_1, kb-ordinaryday-stampcardframe.

i took this photo just now Cheryl cheerful face :)) When I trying to use all KimB's freebie to do a LO, then I found this site.... WooHoo...IreneAlexeeva's freebie is awesome!!! this is what i done for today LO! call I Believe...

I Believe that
Our heavenly Father knows how
to care for His children and
will allow only what He seems best.
We can rest in His infinite wisdom and goodness.

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