Friday, 23 May 2008

....super healing

Cheryl's condition

Cheryl fever subsided from yesterday afternoon until now... Praise God!!! Praise God!!!!!

she still on her antibiotics. we still observing her very carefully ... Thanks to all my readers, bloggers, friends, family members and CPT, CNC's teachers Christine & OiWah and all whoever prayers for us and leave yours well wishes for us ... May God Bless u!...God was super fast healing her.... .... ...

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Back to School

just now... i bought her to her school... been 1 week absent to school, she miss her friends and teachers so much...since she no more fever, i bought her to her school and take her report card, tough to just let's her stay a short while..but, her classmates and all her teachers is such a warm welcoming her when they saw her... hahaha... oh... now only i know my girl is such a famous student in her school... ok... then, her class teachers request me to allow her stay back... she even promised me to keep on eyes for Cheryl... aiyy... ok la... since like that, i've to leave her there, she has so much fun in school, everyone love her... everyone miss her...

ok...about her report card... she doing very well in this 1st semester... even her teachers told me, Cheryl was the best student is her class!!!

here is the assessment in her report card:-

Cheryl is a pleasant and cheerful girl. She is well-behaved and attentive during oral and singing lessons. She is keen to learn and is not shy to ask for help whenever she is not sure. Her written work is neat and her colouring is GOOD!

Wow... :)) mommy was so proud of u girl!!! Praise God!


pc said...

happy to hear that everything back to normal & sunshine brightly & cheerful~!

Ruth said...

ya... Praise God for the sunshine!!!