Monday, 12 May 2008

My Mother's Day

credits: kb NSD paper & blossoms; kb-ordinaryday-shabbytag & PhillsbooFrame; DS u r so beautiful addon tag, crystals & border.

A lovely card draw by my 3yrs+ daughter :)
this time she using colour pen/magic pen on this
credits: all by lindsayj touchofelegance

Little gifts made by Cheryl from school & church
credit: kb ordinaryday shabbytag.

I didn't manage to ON-LEAVE :P ... everyone not feeling well here... Ryan not yet fully recover from his lau-sai, but add-on coughing and running nose since last night.. Cheryl lose her voice and coughing...Daddy also having flu!

Anyway, mommy manage to attend the Sunday morning service but not go together with Daddy and Cheryl. They all went to 8am service, Mommy stay at home with Ryan, Mommy went to 10.30am service at one of the near by church. We take turn to takecare of little baby Ryan at home.

...a hectic day for Mommy... but God is GOOD... He still gave me 2hrs to be alone, to rest my mind not to be worries, attend the morning service joyfully worship HIM... and what a wonderful morning when I came back from church, my lovely girl Cheryl gave me all these little gifts and said "I love U Mom, Happy Mother's Day!" then she gave me a big warm hug and muaksssSs ^.*

Happy Mother's Day
to all the beautiful Mommies !!


pc said...

nice LOs... mummy is really a super women ^^ busy and manage to scrap so well~!

god indeed GOOD ^^. happy monday to you~!

wen said...

wah so many scraps n lovely gifts!

Ruth said...

thanks ladies... i done it early in the morning 5am when i can't sleep back after BF baby...