Wednesday, 2 April 2008

This morning

what happen this morning? hehehe... both kids wake up at 6.45am. as usual they play together for a while..then, mommy remind Cheryl today is Grandma's birthday. She wanna give Ma-Ma a surprise gift... what else!? since she loves art, and still got enough time to do something before go to school...then mommy give her a drawing paper... she very fast got inspiration to start!!!
after 30minutes... Look, this is her masterpiece !!! she using crayon today. She draw a big flower with a butterfly... green grasses ... big sun and blue sky... this is a happy sunshine day she said.

This time, mommy didn't help much... mommy just sit beside her, and gave her some ideas only... she colour and draw by herself. just the writing part, mommy write "happy birthday" in a piece of paper then Cheryl follow to write... mommy so glad she can write quite good already.


pc said...

lovely cheryl. can see her happy face of showing it.

Anonymous said...

cheryl is really talented!!just like her mum.

wen said...

very beautiful!!!

Mummy to QiQi said... beautiful...she is really talented, just like her mommy!!

jazzmint said...

oo.she draws very well.

Ruth said...

thanks all of u for leaving urs love for my little Cheryl here!