Thursday, 17 April 2008

love doodle

Ever since i'm very young... i love to doodle very very much! I think most of my childhood friends and my closed friends know about it... they love to received my "homemade" book-mark or greeting card:) I just simply love to doodle on a piece of paper, textbook, leaf, stone, tissue, wall?! (my mom said i doodle alots on the wall when i'm very very small...kekeke )

Nowaday, since i involved my art more on digital scrapbooking... why not i try digital doodle!? but.. i dunno how? izzit doodle in paper then scan it? or...using any things to doodle it in the computer??

hope I got more times... to learn from internet...then i can have my own design kits very soon:) and hopefully i can share them to those who love it too... wow!... :P she is dreaming...hehehehe


Creative B Bee said...

Hi! Just try that the way you think that its 'can do'. I'm waiting to see....kekeke.

jazzmint said...

hmm...i've seen a tool they call like a doodle thing where u can attach to the pc, then whatever u draw gets transferred there.

Ruth said...

u mean 'can do' is the paper doodle to scan one or using the tool in computer? thanks for encourage me ya!I'll try it soon...

o... u know what kind of tool? how to find them??