Monday, 10 March 2008

2hrs outing on weekend

Saturday afternoon, Cheryl wanna go kai-kai... she said she wanna buy colouring books... since she had finished colouring all of her colouring books... therefore, we bought our two little ones for a short outing. Cheryl enjoy herself kai-kai ...she went to book stores, pets shop and she ate her favorites ice cream, cinnamon roll, lollipop and play pong-pong car etc.

xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx

Ryan started his first solid food when he was 5 1/2mths old. we try twice a day of Nestle rice for 2 weeks then we shift to twice a day porridge meal after CNY. He is ok with it... He loves it! look at the pictures... he is enjoying his first baby biscuit on Saturday...hehehe cutie boy!

credits: Baby Bright QP from Misty Cato Designs


Vivianz said...

how i wish my girl will take biscuit.....

wen said...

get well already sure wanna kai kai lor hor..

Ruth said...

Naomi not yet eat biscuit?!

haha... ya..the first thing she ask for is kai-kai! then feel like eat all her favorites food!!! :P

pc said...

wonderfully to see them & mummy cheer up again.

and btw, this, another nice piece of artwork. ^.b

jazzmint said...

great that she's now all well and healthy ;).

love the LO.

Ruth said...

PC graceful to c my sunshine girl get well n b happy:)

Praise God for His healing hand upon my Cheryl girl:)

hahaha LO?! ya,this is a lovely QP... no time to scrapping ler...just choose a QP n fix in their pictures :)